Kpando is a very nice village close to Lake Volta and offers a whole range of scenery and activities for tourists, visitors and volunteers.

Enjoy the wonder that is Kpando!!!

How to get there?

Kpando is about 208 km north from Accra. In Accra there is daily public transport that takes you to Kpando in about 4 hours.
Try to leave Accra before 2 pm or on a sunday so that you avoid the traffic jam and you will travel by daylight and enjoy the nice scenery after Atimpoku.
  • Every day there are several tro-tro's to Kpando as well at Tudu Station or Tema Station (ask taxi driver to drop you at the station).
  • Other option is to take STC bus (if you are lucky it's a new one) that leaves in the afternoon at Tudu Station. Experience with STC is that it will take you 5 to 10 hours to reach Kpando.
  • You can also decide to go for private car with driver.

Where to eat and drink in Kpando?
For food you can enjoy the food on the streets. But for tourists there are some limited options with Western food
  • Wizzy's Catering service (contact us to make arrangement)
  • Bowman City on the road to Fesi has a nice restaurant 
  • Indomie or rice dishes near Akusika drinking spot
Kpando has a lot of drinking spots. Most popular ones are Maxi Spot and Akusika on the main road. Opposite the taxi station you can have a drink at the roof terras of Mary's Garden.

For longer stay best option is to cook yourself or ask somebody to cater for you.

Where to stay?

If you want to stay for a longer period of time best choice is to look for a homestay. This option is cheaper than hotels and you will enjoy the hospitality of the friendly Ewe. Emo Foundation NGO has different homestays Emo House KpandoJungle House, Ablorde House and Eagle Nest at Logba Tota. Contact us for availability.
There are also a large range of hotels and guesthouses in Kpando Town.

Prizes will be vary from 70 to 120 GHc. Best options are
  • Catherines Lodge
  • Same Sisters Guest House


Volta Lake with beautiful Islands

Boat trip on Lake Volta

Fishing on the lake with local Fishermen

Get active and sporty

Keep fit every saturday morning at 6 am

Rent a bike and make a cycle tour around Kpando

Scenery at the top of Mount Nsumoro at Agbenoxoe

Join a local Football or Sports club


Attend a ceremony whilst visiting a Chief and his elders

Go for guided tour to Todzi and learn all about the colonial history
A local guide can tell you intresting stories about the Akpini history

The local Borborbor dance

Ask for performance of Desiadenyo Culture Troupe at Torkor


Kente weaver in Kpando town

Kpando Pottery at Fesi

Original souvenirs at Francis Woodcarver

Become Kpando yourself

Worship on sunday morning

Grotto in Agbenoxoe

African hairstyle

Visit one of the Spots in town

Volunteer or visit a school
Friends for ever.

Try it yourself