We offer
Airport pick-up
One person/guide will pick you up at the airport and help you to get transportation to an hotel in or around Accra. The next day the person will help you to organize transportation to Kpando with public transport.  
Prize includes: transport cost of guide (Kpando – Accra – Kpando), feeding of guide and his overnight stay in Accra
180 GH
Private car
We can help you to find a private car with driver to tour you during your stay in Ghana.

Private car Accra to Kpando or Kpando to Accra

400 GH₵ 
We can organize your homestay in one of our houses:
Emo House: our place near the market and stadium
- Jungle House: our flat with balcony
- Ablorde House: our compound with summer hut
- Eagle Nest Logba Tota: our hide out in the mountains
Included: Bedroom, inside bathroom and toilet and fully equiped kitchen, use of dining area, sitting room and balcony or veranda.
40 GH₵ / per day / per person
+ 20 GH₵ / per day / per each extra person
Boat trip  Lake Volta
We offer boat trips at Kpando Torkor to make a tour on the Lake (1 hour) or to visit one of the Islands on the Lake (3 to 4 hours).
Included: boatman, guided tour on islands, fuel and use of life jackets.
A meal or pick-nick lunch can be provided.
Group 1-5 people volunteers
Group 1-5 people tourists
Group 6-10 people volunteers
Group 6-10 people tourists

200 GH
300 GH
300 GH
450 GH
Camping at islands
We have one tent (2-3 persons) and sleeping mats.
Included: use of tent, 2 mats, cool box and a torch.
100 GH
Fishing on the lake
You can join a local fisherman at Torkor or Agave. There are different methods of fishing. (basket, nets, ...).
Maximum 4 people can join one boat.
You can decide to keep the fish you cath to have a fine meal afterwards.

Fishing (included fish)
Fishing (excluded fish)

200 GH₵
100 GH₵
  • waterfalls
  • monkeys
  • mountain
  • hiking
  • festivals
We can organize all your excursions in the Central Volta Region. Depending on your request we can help by:
- assistance to plan a realistic excursion
- organizing transportation: car, bus, motorbike, bicycle
- organizing your overnight stay during excursion
- guiding you to the places (= to join you on the trip)
Excursion (included guide one day)
Excursion (excluded guide)
Extra overnight stay guide

140 GH₵
100 GH₵
prize of room
The number of restaurants in Kpando is limited and mostly they don't offer continental food.
Wizzy's catering service
Our cook Wisdom can offer you different dishes: spaghetti, saucage or fish (with rice, potatoes or pasta), redred (plantain and beans), salads, full breakfast.
On request we have potatoe chips, pizza, smoothies and pancakes.
Also we can help you to enjoy the local food like fufu and if you wish you can help preparing it.
“Akpini walk”
One/ two hour walk in Kpando that will bring you to all the places of intrest (market, churches, mosques, colonial buildings, palace, sport stadium).
During this tour you will learn more about the history and people of Kpando.
 40 GH
“Colonial walk”
This guided three hour walk will bring you to the Colonial historical site at Todzi, we will bring you t a nice view point overlooking the Lake Volta and on our return you will pass through a secundary school and learn more about the education system.
 60 GH
Bike rent
 We have some bicycles for rent. Please contact us for longlong term rent of bicycles.
 20 GH₵ /day
Volunteer programs
Contact us for volunteer program: teaching in one of our partner schools, woundcare program or health screenings, sports activities, culture, agriculture, ...