Ghana has a lot of different tourist attractions. For each category we will give you our favourites.
  1. Lakes
    • Boattrip on Lake Volta to one of the inhabited islands (Kpando)
    • Visit Akosombo Dam (Akosombo)
    • Relax at Lake Bosumtwi @ Cocoa  Village (
    • Paddle to Nzulezo Stilt Village on Lake Amansuri (Beyin)
    • Explore some of the undiscoverd Crater Lakes (Nkonya Tayi, Bodada, ...)
  2. Waterfalls
    • Falls of Central Volta Region: Wli, Tagbo, Aflabo, Akpom, Wadjikli, Ote, Tsatsudo, Obohire, Tii Zor, ... (One day excursions from Kpando)
    • Boti Falls and Akaa Falls
    • Kintampo Falls and Fuller Falls
  3. Forts and Castles: UNESCO World Heritage Sites
    • Cape Coast Castle and Fort St Jorge at Elmina
    • Christianborg Castle Accra
    • Fort Prinzenstein (Keta) and Fort Kongenstein (Ada Foah) @East Coast
    • Fort Apollonia at Beyin
    • Fort Metal Cross at Dixcove and Fort Friedrichsborg at Princess Town
  4. West Coast Beaches
  5. Volta Estuary and East Coast Lagoons
    • Ada Foah
    • Meet me There (Dzita)
    • Keta
  6. Wildlife
  7. Culture
    • Festivals
    • Shrines
    • Handicrafts (Kente, beads, woodcarving, pottery, ...)
    • Agro and cooking
    • Architecture: mosks, colonial buildings, churches, ...
  8. Mountains, Ranges and Caves
    • Mt. Afadjato
    • Mt. Gemi
    • Nkonya Range
    • Likpe Todome Caves
    • Mafi Kumasi Inselbergs
  9. Cities
    • Accra
    • Kumasi
    • Wa
  10. Outdoor Activities
    • Hiking Amedzofe and Logba Tota
    • Coastal Trekking Busua to Princess Town (West Coast)
    • Volta Classics Cycling Tour (Kpando - Jasikan - Wli - Amedzofe - Kpando)
    • Surfing (Busua)    Video
  11. Fauna and Flora
    • Kakum National Park
    • Kyabobo National Park
  12. Humanitarian: The Other Side of the Medal
    • Hand in Hand (Nkoranza)
    • SWOPA (Sirigu)

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