Lake Volta

Lake Volta was formed by the Akosombo Dam in 1966 and is the largest reservoir by surface area in the world. Because of the formation of Lake Volta, about 78,000 people were relocated to new towns and villages, along with 200,000 animals belonging to them. About 120 buildings were destroyed, not including small residences, as over 7,800 km2 of territory was flooded. 

The dam provides electricity for much of the country. The Lake Volta is also important for transportation, fishing and harvest of tropical hardwood timber from underwater flooded forests.    

The lake is also very attractive for tourists. Boat trips from Kpando Torkor can bring you on the lake or to one of the numerous heavenly inhabited islands on the lake. More adventure is there for you if you would consider to stay overnight on one of the islands. Also you can join a local fisherman and put up the nets or/and collect the fish the next day.

We can organize your boat trip, overnight stay or fishing experience.

Heavenly Lake Volta

Inhabited islands on Lake Volta

Boatmen Abbas and Japan, qualified and experienced.
Our boat can take up to 20 passengers. Safety first, life jackets aboard.

Paradise beach at Gabi Kpo, 30 minutes boat trip from Torkor.

Fisherman at Tsetsekpo. 45 minutes from Torkor.

Another paradise called Adzaboxo. 60 minutes from Torkor.

The Lake is always inviting for a swim in the refreshing water.