Waterfalls, mountains, monkey sanctuary, jungle hiking, festivals, ...

From Kpando you can make a lot of very interesting excursions of one or two days.
Transport to all these places can be organized. You can choose to get the public transport, take a motorbike, charter a car or trotro or even cycle yourself if you are sportive.

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1. Wli Waterfalls 


The Wli Waterfalls are located in the Agumatsa Wildlife sanctuary, which is also home for hundreds of fruit bats, birds and some monkeys. The Wli falls is a perennial flowing water from a height of about 400 metres. It is the highest waterfall in West Africa and takes only about 30 minutes leisure walk (level road) to the Lower-Fall.








It will interest curious visitors to know that apart from the main (popular) Wli Waterfall, there is another fall upstream Agumatsa river, up the mountains – we refer to as the Upper-fall for more adventurous sightseers. The Upper-fall, takes about an hour’s walk from the main falls, and offers another wonder of nature.

View to Upper and Lower Falls

Caves Likpe Todome:

8 km north of the Wli falls one can find the Likpe caves that served as a hideout during the Ashanti war. Since the 1980's the caves are de-mystified and open for tourists.
The network of six ancestral caves are 20 meter below surface and are accessible separately. The hike is physically demanding and needs walking boots. The views are spectacular.There is also a side trip to the beautiful Wadjakli waterfall.
The Tourist reception center is to be find in Likpe Todome (situated between Likpe Bakwa and Likpe Mate).

2. Mount Afadjato and Tagbo Falls

Mount Afadjato

Mount Afadjato is the highest mountain in Ghana. It summits stands at 880 metres. Afadjato is located between Liate Wote and Gbledi and can be reached from either towns. Climbing of the mountain to its highest peak takes about 40 minutes to 1 hour. At the peak you can have a bird's eye view of Volta Lake.


Tagbo Falls

Besides the hike up Mt. Afadjato, it is the Tagbo Falls that is a good reason for an excursion to Liati Wote (check in at the visitors center where the hike to Mt. Afadjato and the Fall start). The waterfall is quite tall and you can swim in the pool. Tagbo Falls are less touristic and the forest that you pass to the Falls are especially famous for its diversity in butterfly and bird species. The path to the Falls is level road and passes through cocao farm land. 

Tagbo Falls

Tii Zor Fall

On the way back from Liati Wote you will find the small village Liati Soba from where you can walk to the Tii Zor Waterfall. 

3. Leklebi Agbesia and Aflabo Waterfall

Aflabo Falls

The village of Leklebi Agbesia is relaxed and friendly. Aflabo Waterfall are situated behind the village. The hike takes under one hour along the stream. At the top, the falls can be viewed from three completely different vantage points. After the hike you can cool off in a natural pool.
See Aflabo Falls on You Tube film.

Aflabo Falls @ Leklebi Agbesia
Path to Aflabo Falls


Bridge at Leklebi Kame

On the way back from Leklebi Agbesia you will pass Leklebi Dafor where you will find a barrier of the Immigration Office. To meet the bridge you have to pass the barrier and continue to Leklebi Kame where you will find the real border with Togo. The bridge forms the border between Ghana and Togo. The environment at the bridge is so serene as the area is a forest vegetation where the river flows within beautiful rocks making sounds that produce musical crescendo. 

4. Logba Tota  

The village of Logba Tota is nestled high in the Avatime hills on a steep forested slope which offers spectacular views of surrounding villages, the valleys, Mt. Gemi and even Lake Volta. The town architecture is interesting for the use of rock and mud in building.
In Logba Tota one will enjoy the peaceful relaxing atmosphere and the cool breezy environment.

Town architecture Logba Tota

Akpom Fall

The main attraction around Logba Tota is the amazing and unique Akpom Waterfall with a limestone cavern.
Akpom Falls @ Logba Tota

Cliff wall

There is also a cliff wall stretching over 200 metres.

Ozomkpo hill
For adventure hikers it is possible to hike through the bush to Leklebi Agbesia.

Jungle walk to Amedzofe or Kpedze

From Logba Tota it is possible to make a 5 hour walk through the jungle. A guide can bring you to Kpedze or Amedzofe. Both tracks you will experience the real jungle feeling with superb views. You will pass through remote villages and small rivers.

5. Avatime hills @ Amedzofe


Amedzofe is the highest town (700 to 740 meters) in Ghana and is situated in the beautiful and lushy vegetated Avatime Hills. It is a popular destination for hikers with a basic tourist center, inexpensive guesthouses, plenty of hiking opportunities, amazing views and a temperate climate.
In the town you can still find some old colonial buildings. The 19th -century church is the major landmark, but is to be destroyed and replaced by a new Ultramodern Chapel Building.   

Amedzofe, town with a view.

Mount Gemi

Mount Gemi (pronounced "geh-mee) is one of the tallest mountains in all of Ghana.  As the nearby town of Amedzofe is already very high in altitude, the peak of the mountain is actually a short climb from town.  At the very peak of the mountain is a tall cross made of iron erected by German missionaries in 1939.  Attached on the cross is the remnant of a communication antenna used by the Germans during World War II.  From the top you may be able to see tens of kilometers in every direction.  To the west you will see Volta Lake and to the east you will see the mountains of Togo.  The best views from Mount Gemi occur from March to October.

Iron cross Mt. Gemi 1939
Mount Gemi

Ote Upper-Falls

The Ote or Amedzofe Falls can be reached after a 30 to 40 minutes walk through lush forest. The final part of the walk is a short very steep downward hike, but the ropes make the descent less risky. The falls are very lovely and the pool is separating the upper and the lower falls. 

Steep path to Falls
Upper Ote Falls

Ote Lower-Falls

The lower falls are more adventurous and have no clear path. The best option is to make a 30 minutes hike to the village of Gbadzeme and ask for a local guide to bring you to the valley and the lower falls. 

View to Upper and Lower Ote falls from path to Gbazeme

Biakpa & Kulugu canyon

Biakpa Mountain Paradise is a nice place to stay for some days. The lodge lies close to the village of Biakpa and offers cool breezes and nice views to Mt. Gemi.
The lodge is the excellent place to hike the Kulugu river and waterfall trail. There is also abseiling for professionals. 
From Biakpa you can make a 30 minutes hike through the bush to visit Amadzofe. The main attraction in Biakpa is the old Baobab tree.


6. Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary

Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary is home to about 300 of endangered True Mona monkeys. It is a beautiful and quiet village surrounded by thick forest with luxuriant vegetation where sacred and rare species of Mona Monkeys dwell. Till the late 1980's the villagers protected the monkeys which they believed to be messengers to the gods.
Due to erosion of traditional beliefs they started to destroy the forest and even killed many of the monkeys. In 1993 the sanctuary was created to protect the monkeys for tourism purposes.
A trip into the forest with a guide gives visitors the opportunity to see these real endangered species in their natural habitat. The baby monkeys sometimes come and sit on your arm to eat the banana in your hand.
Tafi-Atome is 20 minutes car drive from Kpando or 1 hour with bicycle.

7. Tsatsudo Falls (near Alavanyo)

Another rather nice excursion from Kpando goes to the attractive Tsatsudo Falls, near Alavanyo Village. The water falls in 5 stages, all visible and there’s 2 pools where you can swim!
Tourism is not really organized here, but the falls are easy enough to find, being close to the road, and perhaps you prefer to go without a guide.

You can swim at the base (very relaxing) or go up along a muddy trail to the third level and jump in a pool there (which looked pretty scary though). By the end of August the Falls are really spectacular, but further in the dry season they are probably less interesting!

Pool at Tsatsudo Falls
Tsatsudo falls have 5 stages


Further away from Kpando you can travel around and visit Ghana. Notice that travelling in Ghana is always an adventure. Transport is not always that reliable and accomodation is not always around the corner.


The east Coast of Ghana is less popular and touristic, but surely worth visiting. Our favorite spot is the Meet me There lodge at Dzita. The place can be used as a hub to visit Keta lagoon, Fort Prinzenstein, and others. It is also possible to reach the place by Ada Foah by crossing the River Volta and see the estuary where the river meets the ocean. You will also passing some mangroves.



Travelling to the Afram Plains from Tokor is a certain to be an adventure. The Ferry takes you to Agordeke in 2 hours time. From ther you can continue on tro-tro  to Donkorkrom. A nice trip would be to continue to Nkawkaw and visit the Burkur Rock before entering Nkawkaw. From Nkawkaw you can continue your journey by Koforidua. But first visit the Boti Falls in Huhubya and the Umbrella Rock. On the way back from Koforidua to Kpong you can visit the Cedi's Bead Factory at Krobo and view the making of Cedi's beads