Welcome to Kpando

Welcome in Kpando on the shores of Lake Volta in Ghana.

Most travel guides have little information on Kpando, but the whole district of Kpando is a nice remote area with a lot of touristic potential of which Lake Volta is the main attraction.
Kpando town is ideal as a base for exploring the whole central Volta Region including some of the highlights of Ghana. There are plenty of good and cheap hotels and the locals are most friendly and helpful.

This website is created by Emo Foundation NGO. Some of our students are waiting to further their tertiary level education and are at your service to help you around. The benefit of our services will be used to pay their schoolfees in future. They can help you with all you can imagine and our prizes are moderate. We are local, but think and act global.

On this website you can find all usefull information about Kpando and surroundings. We welcome all visitors, tourists and volunteers to stay with us at Kpando and discover the Volta region.

If you need help or support you can always contact us for more information.
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View over Kpando Main street

Daily market